Commercial Lending

yellow transport truck near oil field tanks

When your business needs more than a checking account, Lea County State Bank can meet those needs. Our experienced lenders are knowledgeable about the Lea County business community and are ready to customize a loan to fit your needs. Even better, our loan decisions are made locally, which enables us to provide you with answers sooner than later.

In addition to our traditional term loans and lines of credit, we offer an Accounts Receivable Management Program and an Equipment Leasing Program. Both enable you to keep your business running smoothly by improving your cash flow.

oil transport trucks near oil field tanks

With our Accounts Receivable Management Program, you won’t have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to get paid for the work you’ve already completed. Instead, by selling us your invoices, you will have quick access to business operating funds.

Our Equipment Leasing program is flexible and designed to improve business cash flow by minimizing the high initial up-front cash outflow typically required when purchasing equipment. It works especially well for all types of commercial vehicle and equipment needs.

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