Fee Schedule

Miscellaneous Fees
Per Occurrence / Per Item
*Cashier's Checks (Customer)$ 7.00
*Commercial Deposit Bag$ 3.00
Fax Service (incoming/outgoing per page)$ 1.00
Millionaire Scratch Pads (each)$ 2.00
Night Deposit Bag$25.00
Photocopies (per page)$ 1.00
Tax Levy/Garnishments$75.00
plus legal fees
Traveler's & Gift CardsCall for current fee
Wire Transfers (Outgoing - Domestic)
- Customer$20.00
Wire Transfers (Outgoing - Foreign)
- Customer$65.00
Wire Transfers (Incoming)
- Non-Customer$40.00
Account Related Fees
Per Occurrence / Per Item
Account Research (per hour; 1 hour minimum)$25.00
ATM Access Fees
LCSB ATMsNo Charge
Non-LCSB ATMs$ 1.00
ATM/Check Card Replacement$ 5.00
Check Book Reconciliation (per hour; 1 hour minimum)$25.00
Check Photocopies (2 free copies per month)$ 1.00
Closed account fee: within 90 days of opening$20.00
Collections (Incoming & Outgoing)
Dormant Account Service Charge, monthly$10.00
Excessive Transaction Fees on Savings & Money Market Accounts$10.00
*Non-Sufficient Funds(NSF)/Overdraft Fee
*Paid NSF Fee$32.00
*Returned NSF Fee$32.00
IRA Transfer Fee, per certificate$25.00
Statement Photocopy/Printout$ 2.00
*Stop Payment Order$32.00
Notary Fee (non-customer)$ 5.00
Telephone Transfer Request$ 2.00
Temporary Checks (min 4)$ 3.00
*Indicates a new or changed fee from previous fee schedule
Fees Subject to change.Effective 06/2010
1017 N Turner St. - 397-4511
3927 N Grimes St. - 397-6650
320 S Main St. - 396-2825